“The KlickSpeed device provides a simple and effective way to teach athletes proper arm swing mechanics for running through a combination of muscle memory and auditory cues, creating an ideal training situation.”

Emily Lawrence, PhD, Biomedical Engineering at NIKE Inc.

“I have been a running and speed coach for the past 20 years following my collegiate track & field career. As a speed coach, many athletes and parents have approached me wanting to get “fast”. There are many speed tools on the market promising a quick fix to speed; however, there are very few that focus on developing correct mechanics in order to lay a solid foundation for speed development. Paramount to speed development is correct biomechanics of the lower and upper body. In my experience, there are few tools that focus on swinging the arms in a correct, full range of motion pattern. With its simple design, the KlickSpeed is easy to use and gives athletes instant feedback on their arm swing through the use of an auditory “clicking” sound. I have begun using this tool regularly for my beginner runners who tend to stop the elbow from moving backward in an effective full range of motion. I have noticed that when the athletes are swinging their arms in the proper pattern, the other mechanical issues that are present begin to be corrected. Additionally, when turned around and warn in the front, the KlickSpeed can be used to teach the forward arm drive motion which is imperative to propel the body forward in a jump or sprint.”

Jenny Kenyon Terry, Running and Speed Coach