Arm mechanics are a critical part of an athlete’s speed and strength in their sport. Without good form, it doesn’t matter how fast you are. There are other arm training devices on the market, but they require a visual element in order to work. This means that a coach or parent needs to observe the athlete to make sure that the elbows are actually driving back on the athlete because an athlete wearing a device can not run and look to make sure their arms are at the approximate angle or that elbows are driving far enough into the backspace to make a real difference in form. The user becomes dependent upon another person to tell them what their arms are doing, thus defeating the purpose of an arm training device.

KlickSpeed is different. It gives auditory feedback, a “CLICK”, that tells the athlete they are using the device correctly. This is a huge benefit to the athlete and the teams they are on- usually track and field teams are very large, and most are typically short on coaches to observe every single athlete. Once KlickSpeed is properly adjusted to the athlete, the user simply runs and can then hear their own progress as they go. It’s a simple, fun solution to training arms for running!



Biomechanic Arm Training the KlickSpeed Way

Self guided auditory feedback to help you with speed and endurance.

  • Speed.

  • Endurance.

  • Self Training.


Although there is no magic potion for success, KlickSpeed can help you increase your top performance and help train basic arm mechanics which aids in increased performance.


Speed and endurance can be greatly effected by arm mechanics. It’s important for both sprint and distance running to include arms as achieve this success. Not using your arms properly will lead to inefficiency and slower performances.


Sprint speed is not significantly increased by arms alone but proper arm mechanics leads to your arms balancing the body during running. While this stability may not lead to significant gains in speed, it can lead to vertical lift during each stride of the leg. Distance running endurance is greatly effected by stability. The longer your body stays in a peak efficient state the more likely the you will reach personal goals, gains, and PRs. 


KlickSpeed can be used in a variety of sports during the training process to aid in speed and stability. Possible usage in Soccer, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Track & Field, Rugby, etc.


How you train is so very important. A coach yelling at you across a training space about your technique while coaching others may not be the way to train arm mechanics. Ideally, you should be able to train your arms without your coach or after little discussion with him or her about the basics of arm mechanics. KlickSpeed offers just that. With a CLICK you know exactly when you’ve achieved your goal and soon you’ll be quickly on your way to running success!


This is simple, KlickSpeed will help you train your arms faster! Don’t have access to a private trainer, KlickSpeed is your private trainer for arm mechanics. Once you set up your KlickSpeed properly you’ll get instant results. Hear that CLICK? That’s telling you that you’re doing it right! The more you CLICK, the better your arm mechanics, the better your stability, the better your form, the longer you can run… it goes on and on. KlickSpeed, have to click it to get it!