“I have been a running and speed coach for the past 20 years following my collegiate track & field career. As a speed coach, many athletes and parents have approached me wanting to get “fast”. There are many speed tools on the market promising a quick fix to speed; however, there are very few that focus on developing correct mechanics in order to lay a solid foundation for speed development. Paramount to speed development is correct biomechanics of the lower and upper body. In my experience, there are few tools that focus on swinging the arms in a correct, full range of motion pattern. With its simple design, the KlickSpeed is easy to use and gives athletes instant feedback on their arm swing through the use of an auditory “clicking” sound. I have begun using this tool regularly for my beginner runners who tend to stop the elbow from moving backward in an effective full range of motion. I have noticed that when the athletes are swinging their arms in the proper pattern, the other mechanical issues that are present begin to be corrected. Additionally, when turned around and warn in the front, the KlickSpeed can be used to teach the forward arm drive motion which is imperative to propel the body forward in a jump or sprint.”

Jenny Kenyon Terry


“The KlickSpeed device provides a simple and effective way to teach athletes proper arm swing mechanics for running through a combination of muscle memory and auditory cues, creating an ideal training situation.”

Dr. Emily Lawrence, PhD

Biomedical Engineering at NIKE Inc.


Lindsey Gerard
“How important is running form? VERY.
Not only does proper form help with running efficiency and
performance. It also helps reduce the risk
injuries…particularly overuse.
Given my history with chronic hip issues, focusing on
running form is a must for me. In the past year, I’ve
completely overhauled my gait but naturally I’m always
looking for improvement. I started working with the
@officialklickspeed about a month ago and it’s been super
KlickSpeed helps specifically with arm mechanics, it
reinforces proper technique by clicking when proper form
is used. Muscle memory and audio cues! Arm mechanics
are clearly different for sprinting and long distance
running…so with this, you can tighten it up for distance
running. All in all this trains you to get your elbows back
which ultimately will help improve your stride.
Excited to keep using This tool in my training!”
– LINDSEY GERARD, Run Coach & Runner

“Hello! We were not able to take videos because of our schools photo policy with minors however, I can share that they helped greatly. We had a distance running who really struggled with his arm form. We had him running in the click speeds and the difference was eye opening. He ended up going on to qualify for our UP state finals. The kids were really excited to get some new equipment. Even the ones with near perfect arm form were asking to use them! They really held up considering that we used them for a whole track season. We didn’t have to replace any clickers. We will definitely be using them for years to come.”

– Hailey Smith High School Track & Field Coach at Ishpeming High School 

Why Klickspeed is so unique, and what I valued the most from it, is the way it gives you instant feedback on your arm motion. It truly began to correct a previously unknown mechanical issue in my running form, which over time has led to me achieving a much higher level of quality and consistency throughout my training.

– Mark Korn, Running Enthusiast

“I absolutely get this! A great addition to my training plan. As for the athlete hearing the click and being their own trainer Smart, very smart.”

– Former LEVEL 1 USATF Track Coach

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